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Janelle helped build a 
multi-layered marketing 
plan for my book and 
excelled at every step. 
The challenge was finding 
people with enough passion 
for my niche topic. We 
worked closely together and 
I was consistently impressed 
with Janelle’s imagination, 
connections, and 
communications skill. 
She’s fun, too.

author of A Wild Idea: 
How the Environmental 
Movement Tamed 
the Adirondacks


Janelle is a true pleasure

to work with. I reached

out to her in desperate

need of some help

putting together a cover

letter for a job that was

due in 48 hours and she

dropped everything to

help me. She is fast to

respond, thorough, detail

oriented and truly cares

about the success of her

clients and friends. Words

come to her seemingly

effortlessly and working

with her is a privilege.

I would highly recommend

her to anyone and



plant nursery professional


Working with Janelle was 
a true gift! She’s thoughtful, 
patient, and articulate. She 
asked questions in a way 
that challenged me into new 
directions and allowed me to 
ultimately arrive at a more 
honest and insightful place 
with my written piece. She 
will give you her undivided 
attention and leave you 
thinking about the ideas 
that you are exploring with 
newfound excitement and 
curiosity. Her intention for 
collaboration, creativity, and 
equity is evident in every 
corner of her work. I couldn’t 
recommend working with 
Janelle enough!



As a guest lecturer for 
Janelle’s Adirondack 
Semester, I have 
experienced first-hand her 
amazing ability to connect 
with students, inspiring and 
encouraging them to 
go beyond their own 
expectations. Janelle is 
highly intelligent, insightful, 
energetic and funny! She is 
a delight to work with and 
has helped me shape my 
professional thinking and 
writing skills. I always look 
forward to our encounters.

Chair, U.S. Biosphere Network


For several years I was enlisted as a lecturer/workshop leader at the Hamilton College Adirondack residential program in Keene. Professor Schwartz developed and refined the curriculum for this ambitiously immersive program, always seeking out a range of presenters who could introduce her students to subjects well beyond the reach of environmental studies. This expansive approach to a much fuller-than-usual Adirondack education impressed me mightily. I was tapped to speak about Adirondack ethnic, Black, labor, and migratory history--fresh material for these students, and often rather challenging. Professor Schwartz conjured a welcoming environment for these exchanges, and dealt with students with a warm, respectful touch. Incisive and good-humored, she is wonderful to work with. I can't recommend her enough.

Independent Scholar


Janelle brings her 
extensive experience, 
educational credentials, 
strong moral compass, 
unique perspective, and 
compassion to every 
keystroke, enabling her to 
magically combine words 
that perfectly express what 
I try to communicate, yet 
cannot get quite right. She 
asks unanticipated questions, 
coalesces new insights, and 
creates text that cannot be 
ignored, sharing my intent in 
ways I couldn’t express. JAS 
Creatives bridges the gap 
between what I wish I could 
communicate and what my 
readers will understand and 
not forget.


Founder and President, 
OurStoryBridge, Inc.


Janelle invited my wife, 
Kristin Kimball, and me

to speak at Hamilton

College when Janelle

was a professor there.

She designed the event

to bring out the best in 
all of us. She succeeded

in a marvelous way,

expanding our horizons

in the midst of a highly

organized bureaucratic, 
educational institution.

Best of all, she created

enough flexible time

for faculty and students

and us to create our own relationships, some of

which led to lifelong 
friendships. At the same

time, she held herself and

everyone around her

accountable to 
the vision of the event,

which she had planned

months in advance. In the

end Janelle synthesized

a gathering that brought

literature, farming, academia,

art, food policy, and more

to the table. Over the next

few years, she expanded

on those themes by

creating an Adirondack 
semester that brought 
students and faculty and 
farmers together in a

that saw lasting benefits

for the whole community.

She has always inspired me

by her ability to be herself

in many contexts and to

bring us all together in

ways we didn’t imagine

before we met her. 
In short, she is a rockstar.

Owner-Operator, Essex
Farm, NY


During the five years

that Janelle Schwartz

designed and directed

the Hamilton College

Adirondack Program,

which used my 40-acre

property, “The Mountain House,”as its experiential campus, I received many letters from the local organizations with which the students worked, as well as many letters from students’ parents—all thanking me and expressing their gratitude for the wonderful and unique experience the

program provided. Thanks to the tireless leadership of Professor Schwartz, this program created an awareness for engaging and encouraging students to learn ways of finding a sustainable balance between how to make a living post-college and how to respect and maintain the thousands

of acres of unspoiled and undeveloped land within

the Adirondack Park—and

how to adapt this experience anywhere in the world.

owner of The Mountain
House, Keene, NY


Janelle is a fantastic collaborator and colleague. We have worked on multiple projects together in varying capacities; the results always exceed my original vision. Janelle has a subtle style of mentoring her collaborators that creates space for everyone to accomplish their best work. She encourages us all to dream big and ground ourselves by focusing on accountability, self-reliance, adaptability, situational awareness, and community engagement. Janelle helped guide me toward uprooting and shifting my teaching pedagogy before I realized what had happened! In my current role I’m just now seeing the best practices, which Janelle envisioned using years ago, finally start to percolate across campus. Janelle is always working on the leading edge and making waves long after she has moved on.

Assistant Laboratory Professor of Biology at Middlebury College


Dr. Schwartz was a delight to work with as a consultant on
our projects here at Paul
Smith’s College. Her work
was extremely thorough, thoughtfully executed, and
she paid attention to details
that we were unable to see ourselves while creating some new programs here at the college. I appreciated her collegiality and willingness to drive the conversation into sometimes uncomfortable places for the betterment of
the institution. I would
absolutely work with her again!

Lecturer at Paul Smith's College
and Associate Editor of Journal of Environmental Studies & Sciences


Working with Janelle was 
a pleasure! I was very 
pleased with the effort she 
took in addressing my 
needs. The book reviews 
that she wrote—requiring 
thorough reading of three 
different manuscripts—were 
completed in a timely and 
professional manner.

Janelle has an easy, friendly, 
and very approachable 
manner and is very 
knowledgeable about a 
wide range of subjects. 
In my opinion, she would 
not be deterred by projects 
that seem difficult or “out of 
the box.” With her expertise 
in educational venues and 
with her sharp and practical 
mind, she is well-equipped 
to take on literary tasks, 
creative marketing designs, 
and much, much more. 
I recommend her 



Editor of The River Quintet, a YA 
historical novel series by Ray E. 
Philips, MD; author of
Companion Guide to the River 
Quintet; author of The Exploring 
Language Series,
a comprehensive 
exploratory world language 
program for the middle school 


I hired Janelle A. Schwartz

for a developmental edit for

a non-fiction book. From

our earliest correspondence

all the way throughout the

project, she has been

phenomenally professional.

Her communications are

prompt and clear. Her

billing has been fair and

transparent. Janelle brings

a stellar intellect and great

sensitivity to the delicate

work of developmental

editing. She asked pointed

questions that pushed me

to clarify my own goals so

that together we could bring

my vision to fruition. Janelle

has an uncanny ability to

use language that feels like

it’s mine as she tactfully

smooths out my clumsy

transitions. She is mindful

of her own foot print on

my project, always cautious

to make sure she hasn’t

changed any of my intended meaning. She has brought imagination and insight

that has renewed my

confidence and passion

for this project. From

the beginning of our

association it has been

obvious that Janelle truly

cares about helping

people realize their

creative dreams. She is

talented, funny and kind.

Without hesitation I

wholeheartedly recommend
JAS Creatives.


author of Emily’s Birth Book: Your

Guide to a Conscientious Birth


I have known Janelle in diverse capacities during the past fifteen years—college professor, consultant, collaborator, colleague, career counselor, and confidante. And no matter the circumstances and what professional “hat” Janelle wore at any given moment in our shared history, her bold creativity combined with uncanny intellectual resourcefulness have been a constant throughline in our working relationship. Janelle swiftly spots the flicker of brilliance within an otherwise inchoate project and tenaciously remakes what had been a vague vision into a viable final product. Likewise, Janelle manifests her preternatural ingenuity by bringing her radically interdisciplinary areas of expertise as well as her extensive network of thought-partners to any task presented to her. Whatever the scope of the project, working with Janelle offers the chance to co-create something extraordinary, more colorful than the sum of its component parts.

- LOREN MICHAEL MORTIMER, PHD, Provost's Postdoctoral Fellow in Native North American History at Emory University

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